Land, Railway, Pipeline, Sea and Air Transport Company

production logistics, warehousing, linefeeding, JIT/JIS and container yards management for the Oil companies, all kinds of Mineral companies and car manufacturers

About Us

At AnivaTrans Logistics we believe that for all businesses in this globalised economy in which we live, the supply chain is a key enabler of successful business strategy. An efficient and effective supply chain now needs to be cognisant of issues affecting supply and demand all over the world.

We therefore seek to design, plan, implement and manage cutting-edge supply chain solutions for our clients that enable them to become more competitive, leaner and more effective as organisations.





Who we are

Anivatrans Limited is one of the leading logistics and supply chain management businesses in Russian Federation, with complementary operations in Baltic, the Vladivostok, Novorossyisk and the Soviet member states.

Over the years we have grown into a truly global player, active in the transport industry at home and South-East Asia and Far East.