Storage Tank Lease, Land, Railway, Pipeline, Sea and Air Transport Company

production logistics, warehousing, linefeeding, JIT/JIS and container yards management for the Oil companies, all kinds of Mineral companies and car manufacturers

Road Delivery Transport

Sustainable road transportation not only reduces risk, but increases integration, service levels and supply chain flexibility.

Committed to providing customised solutions that are implemented and managed to your specific requirements, Anivatrans Limited identifies ideal service combinations along with improved governance and performance, adding real value to your operation. 

Why you should entrust your transportation needs to Anivatrans LTD

For more than twelve years Rail Continent has specialized in cargo transportation throughout Moscow and Russia. We have qualified specialists in more than 20 branches of our company, providing reliable and punctual delivery of your consignments. Anivatrans LTD is the industry leader in the delivery market, and offers competitive rates, and the highest levels of quality service. These points as well as the steady increase in our regular client base are the main factors as to why new clients trust us and returning clients become reliable partners.