Storage Tank Lease, Land, Railway, Pipeline, Sea and Air Transport Company

production logistics, warehousing, linefeeding, JIT/JIS and container yards management for the Oil companies, all kinds of Mineral companies and car manufacturers

Cargo transportation in Russia at the best rates

We guarantee to save you time and money. We guarantee to find the best solution for your transportation needs. We guarantee to insure your goods, and provide a speedy service in all of our warehouses. We guarantee a dedicated, professional and courteous staff.

Cargo transportation in Sakhalin and Russia-a comprehensive set of logistical services provided by Anivatrans Limited

Today, Anivatrans Limited is a large group of companies, offering a variety of services in the area of logistics. We not only offer shipping by road or rail, but also door-to-door delivery, freight -forwarding and security of cargo transport. We offer customer satisfaction and a high level of service that is optimized to suit your needs. In addition we offer a range of additional services, from warehouse handling and marking to extra consignment packaging.

Anivatrans Limited also provides cargo insurance, and gives its clients the unique opportunity to take advantage of its free storage of consignment for up to three days.